Following on from our last post about the talbot pushfit range, here is a general overview and some benefits of MDPE fittings.

It is no surprise to see MDPE pipes and fittings growing in popularity year after year. For centuries, materials such as steel, copper and bronze have been used for the same job, and usually to good effect. However, the 21st century alternative has a number of incomparable benefits that are sure to see it become the number one material for water pipes and fittings over the course of the next decade.

However, before we start, let’s find out what exactly MDPE is…

MDPE, or Medium-density polyethylene is a plastic that has found its niche in this market primarily because of its very specific density, making it lighter than other common plastics. Known as blue poly pipe by those in the trade, the material has a number of significant benefits that make it the material of choice for most in the industry in the United Kingdom.

Firstly, MDPE pipes and pipe fittings have what is known as a high-impact resistance body. This enables it to withstand significant thermal pressure and mechanical pressure. It durability means it is almost resistant to cracking or splitting. MDPE requires little maintenance upkeep once installed and will generally last as long as its metal alternatives.

MDPE pipes and fittings are also comparatively cheap when placed against their equivalents. While steel, copper and bronze are all arguably far more attractive than MDPE, they are all much more expensive and do not have any other overriding benefits over their plastic alternatives. Also, manufacturers have now released cast-iron effect MDPE pipes and pipe fittings onto the market, meaning that you can still pay for the cheapest option while retaining the beautiful aesthetics of more expensive equivalents.

Another fantastic benefit of MDPE pipes and pipe fittings is the fact that it allows for a significantly increased water flow to enter properties. This is down do its large interior diameter when compared to other materials. Not only will you be receiving a more reliable and powerful flow of water into your property but you can actually reduce your energy bills. Appliances will receive water in an efficient manner, meaning less stress and wear on the appliances themselves.

Finally and perhaps more importantly, MDPE pipes and pipe fittings are environmentally friendly. They contain no dangerous chemicals or toxins and don’t require anything of the sort for installation. MDPE is also a fully recyclable material, which is vital in 2017, when a number of governments are cracking down on industries who waste far too frequently.